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Affordable Website Hosting and Web Services

ThreePoint is a New Zealand webhosting provider and web services company owned by business partners Kalpesh Bhula and John Veugelaers, two web guys who really know their stuff.

We provide fast, reliable website hosting that is affordable for small to medium-sized businesses and other organisations. Budding entrepreneurs can also profit from our hosting reseller opportunities.

We support our clients with a level of service you’d normally expect to pay a premium for.

We put our web development skills to good use building effective websites. Whether you’re a web build, or a hosting customer, we can maintain and update your site, so your customers continue to have a rewarding experience.

We understand small business – ThreePoint is a small business, too! Getting the best webhosting can have positive effects on your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO), and traffic to your website. This increases the potential for more leads, improved sales, and a better online reputation for your business.

Budget-conscious hosting

Web hosting is a key component of a successful website, but there’s no point spending more money for extra services that your website does not necessarily need. ThreePoint offers off-the-shelf web hosting options designed to provide you – or your customers if you’re reselling – with all the essentials, without any expensive frills.

Our support standards

We continuously monitor the health of our network. If any issues occur, we fix them promptly. We provide technical support for our customers, seven days a week. If there’s something you want explained, we’ll be right there to help you. We communicate in plain English so you get all the information you need, in language you can understand.

Website services

ThreePoint works with a small team of experts to design and build websites. We’ll get alongside you to create a website that suits your specific needs, using the latest methodologies. We can manage your website on an ongoing basis once it’s built. We’ll help your website investment gain value and produce the results you’re looking for from the content.

ThreePoint made the process of moving to their server simple and they continue to provide my business with first rate support and advice.

~ Alex Staines, agency owner


This plan is ideal for those starting up, who want a basic online presence. For example, a sole trader with a one-page website and a simple photo gallery; or a small community, club, or event website.


This plan suits established small businesses, including e-commerce start-ups, medium bloggers and digital marketers that have a raft of customers and a steady volume of traffic to their sites.


Our reseller plans enable subscribers to add an additional webhosting service to their brand as an IT company or web designer, for example, or start their own website hosting business as entrepreneurs.

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