About Us – the ThreePoint Team

ThreePoint is owned and operated by web experts Kalpesh Bhula and John Veugelaers. They use their skills and experience to benefit SMEs, sports clubs, community organisations, and entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Kalpesh Bhula

As a youngster, Kalpesh was passionately set on becoming a software programmer. His dream was (and still is) to develop system applications that become widely recognised for solving real-world problems.

Kalpesh studied a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. By day, he was learning how to develop software, and by night he was teaching himself how to make websites. Some friends asked him to build websites for a couple of local online gaming communities. As the result of his determination to research and learn, he was able to complete the websites and maintain them, to his great satisfaction.

During this time, Google and an HTML guide for dummies were his very best friends. He got so good at finding information on the search engine that he became widely known as the “go-to” troubleshooter. “I had my whole class and a few tutors come to me and ask me how to fix whatever it was that was troubling them,” Kalpesh says. Using Google properly allowed him to think about problems – and how to solve them effectively – in a completely different way.

By the end of his bachelor degree, Kalpesh knew he wanted to make others excited and happy by building websites for them. That was when he met John Veugelaers, and they began collaborating. The advanced web development skills Kalpesh picked up from John enabled him to build some cool dynamic applications, and this took him into various junior web developer roles.

Since he started working professionally as a web developer in 2005, Kalpesh has always felt there’s something missing in the industry. Yes, there are amazing web developers around, but there is a big gap as well. That’s customer support. And that is where ThreePoint comes in.

What drives me in this industry? Simple answer: customer satisfaction drives me. I’m all about delivering a quality job and providing excellent customer service. I’m a perfectionist by trade.

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John Veugelaers

In 1997 John made his first site in Microsoft FrontPage to showcase all his awesome GIF images, and hosted the site on GeoCities. He thought how great it was to be able to share that information with his friends. It gave him a buzz that never left.

He met Kalpesh at WelTec in Wellington during 2004. Like Kalpesh, John was studying information technology. They learned together, and their interest in server-sided scripting began.

The internet and associated technologies have expanded considerably since 2004. What else that’s changed, says John, is that he learns more from Kalpesh these days than Kalpesh learns from him! One thing that hasn’t altered is John’s desire to create quality software, websites, and provide great customer service. His experience and attitude stand him in good stead.

John shares a knack for problem solving with his business partner Kalpesh. This had an effect at home, when John sorted a problem for his mother’s business by developing a point of sale system for her online shop. In the process, he encountered a noticeable latency, as the programme was run all day, six days a week, and the platform was hosted overseas – a long, long way from the Wairarapa!

John realised there was a demand for cost-effective, New Zealand-based web servers and hosting, so that website owners could get the best experience for their locally based businesses.

After much discussion between Kalpesh and me, we both agreed on starting ThreePoint to offer New Zealand the best services at an affordable price.

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